THILIKÓ is a Los Angeles based fashion brand founded in 2021. Inspired by Scandinavian simplicity and French Elegance, the collection mirrors a poetic sculpture like shape that is endlessly made fit to frame. Focusing on craftsmanship, detail and fabric, THILIKÓ builds an elegant, modern wardrobe creatively through our dedication to responsible production.

Collections explore our deep appreciation and respect for nature, community and the world around us. Our materials are chosen for their low-impact credentials, while craft and hand technique are informed by a unique mix of traditional and contemporary culture. Celebrating the beauty in imperfection, THILIKÓ brings pure design and conscious creativity together. THILIKÓ is the product of a unique blend in style and influence. Heavily drawn by the ever-lasting French elegance with ‘less is more’approach to fashion perfectly unifies these combined forces as THILIKÓ creates pieces you'll turn to time and time again.